Christopher Whittum Quotes and Ideas

On this page, we present some Christopher Whittum quotes we hope visitors will enjoy.

“The time you waste may not be your own.” –Christopher Whittum

“I have to say that I believe humankind’s greatest accomplishment is the GPL. Imagine how technology would grow if all of its forms were released under the GPL. The results would make the most far-fetched sci-fi film look sick.” –Christopher Whittum

“When I was told that I was visually impaired, I frankly couldn’t see it coming.” –Christopher Whittum

“I firmly believe that as more women are drawn into the worlds of open source and STEM, we’ll see technological growth that has been here-to-for unimagined.” –Christopher Whittum

“We’ll burn that bridge when we come to it.” –Christopher Whittum

“Never give anyone the benefit of the doubt.” –Christopher Whittum

“Sure our house is haunted. The thought of conducting an exorcism was brought up, but the last thing that I want to see driven from this house is spirits.” –Christopher Whittum

“Book learning is great, but the world needs artisans too.” –Christopher Whittum

“Recently, I quoted on facebook and twitter a line from Battle for the Planet of the Apes (1973). The line was uttered by Virgil (Paul Williams), an orangutan, as he, the chimpanzee Caesar (Roddy McDowell) and the human MacDonald (Austin Stoker) are entering the ruins of a city that had been the target of a nuclear attack 12 years earlier. ‘We are at best brave, and at worst mad, to be here.’ Paul Williams retweeted it. That’s my brush with greatness.”

“If you like to hear yourself talk, that’s great, because you’re probably the only one listening.” –-Christopher Whittum

“It’s amazing how children learn. For example, eighth grade students in a U.S. History class can watch a documentary on events leading to the Revolutionary War. Afterwards, ask them what the Sugar Act was. Many of them won’t remember. Ask them how many young women out of five were prostitutes in ore-Revolution Boston and they can tell you, without hesitation, ‘One. (snicker).'” –Christopher Whittum

“Children are unhindered by preconceived ideas. They don’t care what a technology looks like. They just sit down and start creating.” –Christopher Whittum

“If you’re going to choose a cause, it should be one that’s positive. Tearing down is easy. Maintaining and building up a benevolent cause takes commitment and effort, but the results are worth it.” –Christopher Whittum

“Many people in our society have had their instinct for self-preservation overridden by their instinct for self-importance.” –Christopher Whittum

“What’s the currant status of raisins these days?” –Christopher Whittum

“I believe that I have accrued far too many excessories.” –Christopher Whittum

“As with children looking towards adulthood, age is one of those things in life that appears elusively on the horizon and that, before you realize it, is overtaken by us seemingly by accident. ” –Christopher Whittum

“Maybe this time the light at the end of the tunnel won’t be a reflection.” –Christopher Whittum