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window maker logo,window maker, window maker themesWindow Maker is a window manager for UNIX/Linux. It is open source (technology that is released under a license allowing users to freely modify and share the technology in question. Some familiar examples are Mozilla Firefox Web browser and VLC Media Player). Window Maker’s look is derived from the now defunct NextStep operating system, which was the first to impose an application dock like the one used in Apple’s MacOS interface. I like Window Maker because of this look, because it is easy to customize and, most of all, because it is open source. You can learn more about Window Maker here. In regards to this page, I just wanted a place to post info about all things Window Maker (themes, menus, dockapps, etc.).

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One of the wonderful things about Window Maker is the plethora of themes available. Most can be installed as easily as extracting a tarball (.tar.gz file) to the /usr/share/WindowMaker/Themes directory (as root). Alternatively, the file can be extracted to your home directory at this location: ~/GNUstep/Library/WindowMaker/Themes. Either way, the theme is then automatically added to the Themes menu under Appearance.

amanda panda window maker theme, amanda panda windowmaker theme

Amanda Panda Window Maker Theme
Amanda is the official mascot of Window Maker. I felt that she deserved to have her own theme. I designed this theme using a picture of Amanda as its focus. It’s a black, white and gray theme. The wallpaper is set to 1280×1024, so, depending on your resolution, Amanda may look a little chubby. I have also prepared a wide-screen format as well. Click here for the wide-screen version and here for the small screen version.  Thanks to Agnieszka Czajkowska, who designed Amanda.

window maker fall theme,windowmaker fall theme

This theme, HideAwayAutumn01, is an autumnal theme.  I took this photo from the pasture at Hide-Away Farm, a horse farm owned by my parents.  Taken in October 2015, it captures and employs autumnal colors attractively.  This theme is available for download here.

windowmaker themes,window maker themes

This theme, Fox, is designed around a photo I took of a fox in my parents’ farmyard that was stalking squirrels and probably trying to get some of the sunflower seed put out for the birds. This theme is available in wide-screen format and small screen format.

window maker themes, window maker joker theme

This theme, Joker, is a pink, purple and red theme based on a climactic scene from the graphic novel, Batman: The Killing Joke (copyright 1988 DC Comics) by Alan Moore (writer) and Brian Bolland (illustrator). The colors in this scene just called out to me. Click here to download.

window maker themes,windowmaker themes, POTA window maker themes

This theme, POTA Landfall, is based upon an early scene from the original Planet of the Apes (copyright 1968 Twentieth Century Fox) in which a spaceship carrying four astronauts, who’ve been in suspended animation for a year, crash lands in a foreboding lake on an unknown planet.  The surrounding terrain is beautiful and I felt it would make for an eye-catching earth-tone theme.  I can tell you that this particular scene was filmed at Lake Powell in Utah, part of the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.  It is available in wide-screen format here.

window maker themes,chrisotpher whittum window maker themesI’ve entitled this theme Cottage.  I took this shot while visiting family at their cottage on a lake in New England.  En route via boat, as their cottage is on an island, we passed this locale and I was both intrigued and somewhat delighted to see this island cottage right on the edge of the lake, so I took the photo that serves as the background for this theme.  I made it a blue theme to compliment the blues in the sky and water.  A getaway cottage on a lake has always exemplified summer to me. and I can’t think of a better “getaway”  location.  It can be downloaded here.

window maker themes,pota window maker themes,planet of the apes window maker themes

POTA ApeCity was inspired by this shot of Ape City from the original Planet of the Apes (1968) film. This is our first glimpse of Ape City and  I felt that this city built by apes was actually pretty cool looking and the surrounding terrain and lake certainly enhance that.  I chose to make it the focal point of an earth-tone theme (seems to be recurring with my POTA-based themes).  This theme can be downloaded here.

window maker themes,windowmaker themes

Shady Lane December focuses on a photo I took a few years ago of Shady Lane during a December snowstorm.  Shady Lane is the main point of access to Shady Lane Farm, which is owned by my parents and is a sister farm to Hide-Away Farm above.  This is a gray and white theme appropriate for that particular time of year.  It’s seasonal without without subscribing to traditional “holiday” colors.  This theme can be downloaded here.


seawitch,window maker themes

My latest theme, entitled Seawitch, was inspired by a painting of the same name by fantasy artist Frank Frazetta.  I’ve been a fan of his work for decades and the dramatic nature of this painting just seemed to call to me.  The colors used in this theme are taken from the painting.  This theme can be downloaded here.


Here are a few sites from which I have downloaded some truly beautiful themes:

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For the more audacious, here is a link to the Window Maker User Guide Chapter 4: Configuring the Window Maker, which provides guidelines for creating themes.

Dock Apps

The Window Maker dock supports dock apps being added to it.  Dock apps are a terrific way to enhance the functionality of your Window Maker sessions. Close-ups of some of the dock apps visible in my screenshots are shown below.

window maker dock apps,wmclockwmclock provides users with the time, day and date.  By default, time is in 24-hour format, but, as can be seen, this can be toggled.




window maker dock apps, wmnmonclockwmmoonclock provides graphical information about the current phase of the moon as well as other information regarding this heavenly body with just a click.




wmweather+,window maker doc appswmweather+ must be synced with a local weather station and provides information about the current weather conditions both graphically and textually.




wmbubble,dock apps,window maker dock appswmbubble displays information about CPU and memory usage.  CPU usage is indicated by water level (the higher the level,  the greater the usage) and the amount of bubbles is indicative of memory usage (more bubbles=more RAM usage). is a great resource for dock apps for your Window Maker dock.

Window Maker Live

Window Maker Live is a live (can be burned onto CD/DVD/USB stick from which you can boot your computer and run a real-time Linux session without installing Linux) Linux distribution with Window Maker as its default graphical user interface.  Check it out.